Ms. Francine Gros-Louis has been in the bookbinding business for over 45 years. Drawing on her extensive experience, Ms. Gros-Louis founded Reliure Huronne Enr. some 15 years ago. Ms. Gros-Louis has worked in practically every area of bookbinding; she has invented a number of bookbinding techniques and products and in so doing has made a name for herself in libraries, schools and print shops throughout the province of Quebec. Her motto is simple and to the point: “High quality above all else, at competitive prices.” .

Reliure Huronne Enr. offers technical-service estimates for school textbooks and library books:

  • Volumes stitched or glued
  • Treated with glazed paper if necessary
  • Planatol Superior B.B. Glue
  • L.B.I. Back Lining Scrim
  • M. end paper
  • Layers of glue on the back
  • Headbands in assorted colours
  • 100 brand cardboard
  • O.B.V. cloth binding (with choice of colour)
  • Title on the spine
  • Dictionaries with a reinforced spine
  • Resin-based glue casing
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Company identification
  • Library books
  • Hard covers
  • Completely plastified hard covers, guaranteeing total preservation
  • In business for 15 years, 45 years of experience
  • 200 M. end paper

Spine replacement using L.B.I. Back Lining

Save time and money by purchasing our specialized bookbinding products:

  • Polygard self-sticking corner protectors
  • 14" x 4’ polygard band for spines
  • Hinge tape
  • Plastic non-adhesive binding to cover volumes
  • Polygard

Our store now offers wonderful plastic binding and corners for all sorts of volumes.

These additions provide excellent support for the preservation of library volumes or textbooks. They are made of transparent adhesive plastic and protect books with hard or soft covers.

Save time, money and work by using these products. Your volumes will be well protected, with no soft or broken corners; the bindings will strengthen spines and make them last much longer.