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The K8ARANDA dance troupe has been on the scene for a number of years now and stages dance shows based on respect for traditional values. We make every effort to be as faithful as possible to the Wendat dance tradition as taught by our ancestors, although these dances and ceremonies have undergone modifications over the course of the last centuries and now belong to the realm of folklore.

Our show lasts approximately 45 minutes and includes eight dancers, a tom-tom drummer, a narrator and a backstage technician.

Here are the dances and ceremonies that are included in the show:

  • The Purification Ceremony
  • The Great Snake Dance
  • The Corn Dance
  • The Feather Dance
  • The Fire Dance
  • The Peace-Pipe Ceremony
  • The Homage-to-Animals Dance.


We always finish the show in a spirit of friendship by inviting the public to participate in the Friendship Dance. In order to help everyone understand the dances, an explanatory text is read before each one, and all dances are accompanied by chants and incantations.